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Michael Janzen 350 Tiny House Floor Plans and Counting

Mirrored glass tiny house

In this podcast Ethan talks with Michael Janzen one of the early legends in the modern day tiny house movement.

Michael started his blog TinyHouseDesign.com in 2007 and just continuing to work as a prolific designer pretty much since then.

Michael has recently come out with an new version of his popular book Tiny House Floor Plans.

The 2nd edition features 350 brand new plans. None of these were featured in the 1st edition. They vary from small to large and have changed with the many changes tiny houses have gone through in the last 14 years.

This resource is great for anyone thinking of designing and building a tiny home.

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In This Episode:

  • Tackling burnout and re-energizing afterward
  • Evolution of the tiny house through the years
  • Unusual, innovative, and fun: Michael’s designs and process
  • What are we questioning in regards to tiny houses?
  • Is it possible to build a tiny house for free?

Links and Resources:

Road Trip Jeep Hauling Tiny House Concept

Michael’s Road Trip Jeep Hauling Tiny House Concept

SketchUp Drawing

Michael has fun drawing in SketchUp

Mirrored glass tiny home

Mirrored glass tiny homes are fascinating

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