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Melanie Copeland in How to Build a Tiny House in 7 Days

tiny house on one acre

Ethan was really excited to finally sit down and do a podcast with Melanie Copeland. With her Amazon book bestseller and her involvement with the Tiny House Alliance USA. She has become quite a mover and shaker in the tiny house world.

Melanie also has quite a story of her renovation of a tiny house in just seven days.

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In This Episode:

  • How do you build a tiny home in 7 days?
  • Why hammocks are an amazing creative seating solution
  • Preparing their land for legally living in their tiny home
  • Trailblazing Tiny and upcoming projects you won’t want to miss
  • Finding the perfect land for your tiny home

Links and Resources:

kitchen and hammocks

Hammocks make the most sense for their seating needs

hammack bed

Chains suspended from the ceiling make hanging hammocks a breeze

works space loft

A folding chair works well for a workstation – or a nap

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Angel Quezada - January 14, 2022 Reply

Thanks you… I love modern tiny houses….

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