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Couple Buy Tiny House as Affordable Starter Home

Jake and Caris purchased a charming tiny house as an affordable starter home. Everything fell into place perfectly and quickly once they made the decision to buy. They found a ready-made model from Decathlon Tiny Homes that suited their needs and budget at $56,000 with available financing. Next, they secured a legal parking spot at Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village. Impressively, it all came together within just two weeks!

“It was also lucky for us because part of what made us make the decision so fast is that tiny homes and tiny home living weren’t new to us. We did have a friend that was already living here; we’d been in the tiny home and knew what it was like. We didn’t have the period of like “is it right for us.” If you’re going from a conventional home to a tiny home, that is a huge decision.

But we’ve lived in small spaces for quite some time. We lived in a duplex with three other people for a while; we lived in a pretty large house with six other people at one point. I came from a dorm as well. So I never lived in a large place that was my own.

Even though it’s small, it definitely does feel large just because all of it is ours.”

-Caris & Jake, @tinyhomeguidebook

Jake and Caris’s tiny house is 254 square feet of functional, cozy living space. While they didn’t have a say in the original design, they’ve since made updates to make work even better for them. They added shelving to their closet, for example. However, one thing their affordable first home didn’t lack is storage. Their kitchen has many spacious cabinets, and their stairs are full of storage compartments, as well as their modular sofa.

Watch the tour above to see their cute affordable starter home in detail!

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