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Maria Saxton Are Tiny Houses Good For The Environment?

Maria is the first person to do some serious academic research about tiny houses and how they affect the ecological footprint and downsizing.

We now have some science on how tiny houses can have a positive factor to the environment.

Ethan in his conversation with Maria dives into the research to get the details. So if this is of interest to you jump in and listen.

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In This Episode:

  • What inspired Maria to research tiny homes?
  • How do you define and calculate “ecological footprint”?
  • Are tiny homes really more environmentally friendly?
  • Is there more research Maria would like to do?
  • Who volunteered to be in the study and how did Maria find them?
  • How were some ways that people in tiny houses raised their ecological footprint?
  • Has the study helped people advocate for policy changes regarding tiny house legislation?
  • Maria’s current tiny home community project

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