Log Cabin Everywhere… ”I don’t ask for nuthin” with Doug and Stacy

Today we’re doing more off gridding with a heaping dose of authenticity (and facial hair) with Doug from the YouTuber duo “Off Grid with Doug and Stacy”. Omagosh what a show. Doug opened his 600 square foot cabin to us, a cabin he and his wife built all their own, after living as city slickers most of their lives. Having been successful entrepreneurs then getting sick and tired of being sick and tired, they deliberately bought a bunch of land in a zoning and planning district where “we don’t have any of that (planning and zoning) NONSENSE up here” and build their own tiny oasis. It’s complete with all the creatures you might want for feed stock, rain catchment, heat, comfort and…get this NO ELECTRICITY (in the traditional sense). It’s a show worth listening to twice! Sit back and tune in.


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