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Van life has become extremely popular today for both the young Digital Nomad who is able to take their work and life anywhere and also the older retired group who want to simplify their lives and travel and explore the country.

Most vans are small and maneuverable and easy to find a place to park and stay a while or move on down the road. It is fairly easy to set up a van for off-grid living as well.

On the cover of the May issue of the Tiny House Magazine, we are featuring Kit and J.R. who have been living in a converted VW bus called Sunshine. Five years ago they chose to leave the fast-paced corporate lifestyle and live as nomads wherever they choose.

Kit and J.R. have written a book about their lives and you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

It is not always an easy or glamorous life like so many believe but it is a lifestyle they have chosen and continue to enjoy.

You can read their complete article and watch a couple of videos by purchasing the Tiny House Magazine below.

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