Living on a Navy Warship Taught Me to Live Tiny

Living on a Navy Warship Taught Me to Live Tiny is this episode of Ethan interviewing Sabrina Bosserman. Sabrina is a professional skoolie builder.

She tells what is involved in converting a skoolie into a beautiful rolling tiny home.

Sabrina is a former Naval nuclear engineer who shares her experience in the Navy and how it helped to form her desire and build skills to live tiny.

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In This Episode:

  • Military training helps with the tiny lifestyle
  • What a professional skoolie builder offers
  • Is a skoolie cheaper than an RV?
  • What to look and ask for on your bus hunt
  • How to turn a school bus into a rolling home

Links and Resources:

interior build
She suggests (and uses) spray foam for the wall insulation
completed interior
Others opt for a full custom build
Keeping most of the windows allows skoolie owners a 360 view of their parking spot!

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