Glamor of Tiny House Living

Tiny houses, van life, and bus life on social media are usually shown as glamorous. With posed photos in beautiful locations, these nomads show the best sides of traveling life. Is it really this way?

In a frank, unfiltered, and honest disclosure Dorit Liss shares her experience with her converted skoolie. Living in the Pacific Northwest where the rain is constant, finding mold in her drawers, and dealing with leaky windows are just a few of her challenges.

In the long run, rather than just asking a special price and handing a “deal” to some unsuspecting buyer, Dorit has decided to rebuild her tiny home skoolie from the very base.

Life is not all glamorous and without the problems of owning an old rig. Many DIY builders don’t know what they are doing and often create dangerous living conditions for themself or others if they go and sell their bus, van, or tiny home to another unsuspecting buyer.

I want to suggest that if you are purchasing a tiny mobile home you treat it just like purchasing a standard home. Get an inspection from someone who can spot the problems before you make the purchase. You will be happier if you spent the time and money to have peace of mind.

The digital Tiny House Magazine Issue 114 has been published

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Inside this issue you will find:

  • Having More With Less
  • So What If Everybody Else Is Doing It
  • The Island Cove Community
  • Time Flies
  • On The Cover – Summit Tiny Homes
  • Where History Meets Home
  • Home Work
  • Metal Roof Or Shingled Roof
  • Unfiltered Honesty Of Bus Life
  • The Last Call – Spindrift Tiny Homes

Here are a few pages from this new issue.

Tiny House Magazine Issue 114

Tiny House Magazine Issue 114 Index

Having More with Less

The Island Cove Community

On the Cover

Home Work

Metal or Shingle Roof?

Unfiltered Honesty

Spindrift Tiny Homes

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