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Lindsay Wood and are Tiny Homes a Solution for COVID Evictions?

Ethan in this week’s podcast discusses with Lindsay Wood an evangelist for tiny living.

The pandemic has put economic pressure on a large part of the country. Tiny houses are being increasingly seen as a solution to housing affordability and inequality. But there are some big legal hurdles to get over before we get there, and in this interview, Lindsay helps us explore them.

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In This Episode:

  • Could tiny homes be included in the eviction moratorium?
  • Lindsay’s affordable housing investment plan
  • New legislation in CA that’s great for ADU owners
  • Why the ordinances in CA can help legalize tiny homes elsewhere
  • The reasons that many cities have not allowed tiny houses
  • Additional expenses that are necessary to ready a site for tiny house parking
  • Alternatives to trailers
  • The difference between ‘traditional affordable housing’ and ‘tiny house affordable housing’
  • What is THIA doing to help with the housing crisis?

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