Legal Accessory Dwellings in Seattle with Bruce Parker

As tiny house participants continue to struggle to legalize tiny house living across the country, there are some cities stepping out to make it easier to make building smaller homes next to existing homes.

Bruce Parker who is the founder and designer of MicrHouse, a company that designs backyard cottages and small houses in the Seattle, Washing area.

In this podcast Ethan discuses with Bruce to discuss ADU’s or DADU’s. Ethan says “warning” sticker shock will be experienced in this podcast.

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Here is what is in this episode:

  • What is a DADU (and how do you say it)?
  • Do DADUs provide affordable housing?
  • Seattle legislation changes that affect backyard cottages
  • Realistic budget expectations in the city
  • Are people allowed to use their DADU as an Airbnb rental?
  • The process for building a backyard cottage

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