Learning, Growing, and Living With All Things Tiny w/ Thom Stanton

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing….. the many personalities that are Thom Stanton! <<<< insert applause here>>>>> Here at the Tiny House Podcast we traditionally have a pretty good time but this week’s interview with Thom takes our banter to a whole new level. Laughter aside, however, don’t let his humorous demeanor let you be distracted from the serious nature of The Housing Development Institute’s message; and his focus on creating a better, more sustainable, and fully legal future for tiny houses. And while reaching for a tissue to wipe the tears of laughter from your face, don’t miss the advice he has for DIY housebuilders who wonder if they’ll ever be able to legally occupy their tiny abode. Some of us “like” tiny homes but Thom is one of those people who lives and breathes tiny homes. (and according to his facebook page, stays up all night researching them!) So tune in this week, with pencil in hand if possible, to learn more than you might expect from this guy, an unstoppable force, an impressive advocate, and now…..our friend.



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