Kevin O’Brien Living in a Yurt Full Time

In this week’s episode of the podcast, Ethan interviews Kevin O’Brien about living in a yurt full time. In some ways, a yurt might be considered the first tiny house on wheels.

The nomadic tribes of Central Asia have used this round tent covered with skins or felt as a mobile dwelling for hundreds of years.

Kevin who lives in a modern version of a yurt lives off-grid and year-round. Winter included in New Hampshire. In this podcast, Kevin explains why he chose this type of tiny house over other options and the benefits and drawbacks of full-time living in a tent.

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In This Episode:

  • What is a yurt?
  • Is a yurt appropriate for cold-weather climates?
  • Where to buy and what you can expect to pay for a yurt
  • Wind, cold, and heat: the yurt can handle it all
  • Kevin’s unique sleeping arrangement sounds super comfy
  • No fridge? Off-grid cooking and food storage solutions
  • Plans for the interior of the yurt

Links and Resources:

He bought everything from a local place
He has about a foot of insulation altogether in the floor – and it still gets cold
It took Kevin and his friends about 8 hours to erect the yurt
The supports are all branches
Kevin uses a lot less power than he initially thought he would

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