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Alberta’s Fritz Tiny Homes Rivals a Full-Size House

While looking at photos of the Fritz Tiny Home, you would think you were looking at a full-sized house. However, this stylish THOW is only 268 square feet. The sense of space, amazing storage solutions, and incredible details throughout the home are key to what makes the design work so well.

The Fritz Tiny Home company delivers their homes within Canada and to the U.S.

Located in Alberta, Canada, the Fritz Tiny Homes company is owned by Kevin and Heather Fritz. They craft elegant tiny homes made from timber frame and 2×4 construction. Each home is insulated with closed-cell spray foam insulation and triple-paned windows to withstand the north’s harsh winters.

The homes are custom designed for more wintery climates.

While the dynamic shapes and steel siding of the exterior catch your attention, the real star is the interior. The homes feature some amenities not found in many tiny homes. These include exposed beams, full-size bathtubs, rain showerheads, and a loft bed built into the steel frame. This design choice helps to fill in the loft’s dead space and add more headroom.

The open space, storage solutions, and even the loft stairs look more like a full-size home.

The loft bed is sunk into the loft framing for additional headroom.

The open feeling of the home is brought to you by Fritz’s unique storage solutions. The microwave doubles as a vent, toe kick drawers are tucked under the cabinets, and hidden storage is located on both sides of the loft bed. The sliding bathroom door also does double duty as a pantry.

The bathroom even has a full-size soaker tub.

Because of the handcrafted details and personal touches, the Fritz Tiny Homes do range on the higher side of the tiny house market. The custom-made homes run around $127,000 to $159,000 each. However, with the high quality of workmanship and spacious design, this might be the only tiny house you will want to consider adding to your list.

Learn more about purchasing and placing tiny homes in Canada.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Alberta’s Fritz Tiny Homes Rivals a Full-Size House - - April 12, 2021 Reply

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Sharon Irven - April 15, 2021 Reply

This is indeed a lovely design and a big bonus to me being that it is prepared to cope with Canadian winters. As a senior, I would prefer a main floor bedroom but something else that concerns me in most , not all, tiny houses is the gas powered cooking. Given that more and more, people are recommending that households do not use gas cooking appliances because of indoor pollution – I understood that San Francisco has banned installing any more in the city – I wonder how this concern plays out in such close quarters as a tiny house?

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