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March 26, 2020

Kerri Timbers From Dreamer to Community Organizer

Kerri reached out to Ethan because she started a meetup group in Edmonton, Alberta that grew to be quite large. She has created a tiny house community where there was none before. Kerri has actually been interested in the tiny house movement for years and finally decided to embark on her own build after several years of being involved in the community.

Kerri has an inspiring story, and she shares what the laws are surrounding tiny houses in Canada.

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In This Episode:

  • How Edmonton is working to legalize tiny homes and the loopholes that allow them
  • The limitations of the current laws also affect builders
  • Tiny Timber travel plans (say that 5 times fast)
  • How will Kerri heat her tiny house?
  • Canada’s progress with the tiny house movement
  • Kerri’s advice for how to start a tiny house community group

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