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March 27, 2020

Family’s Incredible School Bus Conversion Tiny Home

The Backroads or Bust family converted a school bus into tiny home custom-fit suit their needs and style. As a result, they created possibly one of the best skoolie layouts we’ve ever seen. It eliminates the hallway look/feel so common in tiny homes.

Every detail of this bus has been handcrafted and thoughtfully put together. If you can see it, wife/mother, Shyla did it, and if you can’t see it, husband/father, Jonathan did it, like the electrical and solar systems.

Also, the warm and charming decor is cohesive throughout. While the rooms feel like distinct spaces. We especially appreciate the level of privacy between the master bedroom and the kids’ bunkroom. Surprisingly, they managed to accomplish this, while not skimping on storage or play space.

Watch the tour for a closer look:

Though the Backroads or Bust family boondocks exclusively across the country, they own land in Kansas. It’s their home base that they circle back to frequently to be with the two older kids who attend school there.  Also, their travels are funded by by Jonathan’s web design business, Wix Trix.

Image may contain: outdoor“I am a full time #skoolie dwelling mother of 4. I live full time in our #homeonwheels, Dorothy, with my husband and my youngest two kiddos. My older two travel with us occasionally but stay back in our “home base” city to be with their friends and stay in their school there. We circle back to spend time with them often.

I am also a fulltime hippie??
As if the bus didnt make that clear?

I’m super into living as naturally and freely as possible while also maintaining a balance of sanity.
I am a tiny bit of a health nut(my daughter would roll her eyes there) but only because I want to be hiking trails, driving backroads and seeing sights when I’m 90 or better.”

-Shyla Jobe, Backroads or Bust mama sharing her personal experience on the_long_road_to_sanity

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