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November 9, 2017

Journeying Onward with Guillame Dutilh

Ladies and Gentlemen! This week we are proud to present our first SHOUT OUT podcast interview! (Hey! Maybe we should do this more often?) And, what’s the lesson we’ve learned? You (our audience) should be listening to every episode because you never know if we’re going to invite you to be a part of our podcast DURING a podcast. (Just like we did for this week’s guest) In any case, we’re super proud that we finally captured the time and attention of a long time tiny house traveler, Guillame. After hearing Jenna tell the stories of their travels and building their famous tiny house on wheels, this photographer-turned-tiny-house-enthusiast was happy to share his side of the less-than-salacious story. And, hold your hats….he’s recently purchased a van and is planning his future travels in an even smaller vehicle!? This story is technically Part 2 of 2 of their joint story, but definitely Part 1 of his own journey in pursuit of his passion as a photographer. We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. Tiny houses aren’t for everyone and, like relationships, sometimes they’re not forever; but they can be a valuable tool into reaching one’s dreams of living a life full of new love, new adventures, and yes….even new journeys.

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