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Tips To Selling Your Tiny House

To date there truly is no real estate market for tiny houses. If you do a standard MLS search you won’t find a tiny house. This is primarily because tiny houses and tiny houses on wheels just aren’t legal in most municipalities. Selling one on the common real estate market just isn’t a possibility. It would be akin almost (emphasis on the almost) to selling illegal substances in your local newspaper Classifieds. Now certainly there is the popular website Tiny House Listings that has become the go-to for tiny houses for sale. That is as viable a resource as any. But it is still a niche sales market and operates apart from the MLS listings. In fact, I am highly suspect of some of the television shows that feature a potential buyer shopping around with a licensed real estate agent looking for tiny houses. I have yet to meet a broker that facilitates the sale of a tiny house. Such a transaction is a “wild west” sort of operation. It is being done though and done so on a daily basis. Some sell quicker than others though and have more interest. It seems there are a few reasons why. The following tips may aid you in the sale of your tiny house.


There is no reason to ignore the elephant in the room. If THL has become the go-to for tiny house buyers and sellers than list your house on the site. When submitting your listing you can include a title, an indefinitely long description (with basic HTML even), a location, a sale price, photos, and even video links that automatically become embedded video.


According to Facebook, Instagram, and even Google+, video posts reach more people and have more reactions. Do yourself a favor and create a love letter of sorts to prospective buyers. Take your smartphone, turn it horizontal, and walk through your tiny house. Take it slow and point out essential features such as surface finishes, number of electrical outlets, type of lighting, proximity of bathroom, etc. For the true beginner, you can just talk while you walk. If you want to step it up a notch though you can mount your camera on a tripod and create an opening, a closing, and some narrated portions, editing them in after you have filmed everything. Remember though, the exterior of your house is as important as the interior so be sure to film that as well. Limit the entire video to no more than 8 minutes being sure to include a teaser to your Tiny House Listings entry. If you want to get really fancy, edit in some “B roll” footage with you doing voice-over narration. As far as exterior, extra points for some good drone footage that shows the house from overhead or unusual angles. Take a look at the video below. It incorporates some really nice features in terms of a tour video.


Taking still photos is as important as anything. With them you can email more efficiently (and more quickly!), you can post to all types of social media, you can include them in listings, and you can capture the beauty or a particular spot without shaky hands, bad lighting, etc. The best way to do this in a tiny house is to use a wide-angle lens. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t have a built-in wide angle. In order to achieve this, you need to use a DSLR camera with a removable lens. Generally, the smaller the room, the wider you’ll want your lens field of view. Most tiny house spaces can look extra roomy with a 14mm lens which captures nearly the entire room when set up in the doorway. You’ll want to have good lighting though so also consider additional lights rather than just ambient or overhead.


Don’t just rely on a site like Tiny House Listings. Diversify your listing. Create a solid listing and post it on Facebook (boosted, of course) on your profile, on tiny house group pages, in private messages, etc. Ask your network to Share it and react to it so you can beat FB at their own algorithmic game. Post a slideshow on Instagram using hashtags such as #realestate #forsale #highestbed #tinyhouse #tinyhouseforsale #tinyhouseonwheels #smallhouse #thiscouldbeyours and more! You can also send out Tweets to your network that ultimately point to your Tiny House Listing. The more you talk about your tiny house for sale, the more interest that will be created.


Be real and be reasonable about your pricing. If you didn’t pay $100,000 for your tiny house you shouldn’t be asking $100,000. Granted there is no legitimate real estate market for tiny houses there also isn’t an appreciation or depreciation value. Remember, a value is only as high as someone is willing to pay. If you have a 200 sq.ft. house that has salvage countertop, no lighting in the loft, no hot water heater, and some siding areas that are water damaged, you should expect top dollar. The more reasonable you are about the condition of your home and how much you are hoping to recoup, the faster you will sell it to someone who is willing to accept those conditions.

By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]

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I like what you said asking for a reasonable amount when you sell your house. My sister has been telling me about a new house that she wants to buy sometime soon, and she’ll need to sell her current house when she gets the new home. I’ll share this information with her so that she can look into her options for professionals who can help her find the right price.

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