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November 17, 2016

Joining the Mile High Club with Bruce Campbell

In the tiny house world we tend to think we’re the only ones with problems moving our houses. But, now we know better. This week we were quite surprised, and entertained, by Bruce’s story about why he decided to move into a retired Boeing jetliner, how he moved it, what he did with the leftover parts, and why the nose of his “house” appears to be precariously perched on a pile of pallets. One third Engineer, one third Artist, and one third Passionate Music Enthusiast; Bruce literally lives on the cutting edge of the Reuse and Recycle Movement. And, he’s not stopping there. What’s next for this retired world traveler? How do you fit a musical performance onto the wing of an airplane? And what actually happens to the hundreds of aircraft that are retired from service every year? If you love small space stories with an reclaimed aerospace twist, you’ll love this unrivaled story of efficient use of space, and a few fun aircraft puns thrown in for good measure.


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Anita - November 18, 2016 Reply

I remember Bruce Campbell otherwise…

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