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Hobo Artist Dan Price Live in a Literal Hole in the Ground

Tiny House Podcast is the latest thing going on in the tiny house movement, ranked number one when searching iTunes for “Tiny House”. You can now listen to Tiny House Podcast each week on Wednesdays right here on Tiny House Blog.

The show is co-hosted by Michelle Boyle of My Empty Nest fame. She is joined by Mark Grimes and Perry Gruber, two guys who fell in love with tiny houses two years ago. Mark and Perry run production, scheduling and operations as well as co-hosting with Michelle.

Tiny House Podcast bills itself as “an irreverent look at the hottest housing movement in the world”. The show comes in two formats which alternate each week; a 20-minute format where the hosts riff off a tiny house subject, and a 45-minute format featuring a guest. The show is not exclusive to tiny houses per se. Much like Tiny House Blog they cover a wider variety of topics than what some tiny housers might. That makes the show unpredictability funny, entertaining and interesting. We’ll post each weekly episode right here. Be sure to visit and listen.

S1E7 – Batman? Thoreau? Hobo Artist Dan Price Live in a Literal Hole in the Ground

You don’t want to miss this episode. Dan Price has an amazing story that puts Thoreau’s Walden Pond to shame. In the last 25 years, Dan, the “Hobo Artist” has lived in a Teepee, in a hobbit hole, rode a recumbent bike from Oregon to Florida, hopped freight cars, and, today, lives in an eight foot circle underground, eats wild edibles, and enjoys the most rustic sauna experience, which he built on his own. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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Palma - September 10, 2015 Reply

Great way of life. I get it. I’m off grid in the Adirondacks (log cabin) and appreciate Dan’s story. Nice to hear about someone actually doing it rather than “wannabe someday”. Peace

Dennis - January 13, 2016 Reply

Dan’s no newcomer to this way of life. Dan is the man };o)

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