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Harrison Langley and Composite Structural Insulated Panel Tiny Houses

Composite tiny house

In this podcast episode Ethan is excited to introduce us to a new building technology. Harrison Langley, is the founder of the company Boxvana, Boxvana is a company that manufacturers composite SIPs and is also a modular builder.

They’ve developed LitePan a material that is 4 times lighter than a conventional wood SIP.

This technology is perfect for a tiny house as it keeps the weight down and is extremely strong and makes construction easier.

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In This Episode:

  • A super light, ultra-strong, mega panel
  • How CSIPs make the build go fast
  • What do they cost?
  • Why other industries are using Boxvana’s CSIPs
  • Weight, cost, and time to build

Links and Resources:

tiny house with CSIPs

CSIPs are up to 4x lighter than wood SIPs

tiny house flat shipping

They can ship your house flat and ready to assemble

composite SIP

Harrison searched long and hard for the perfect composite SIP

interior Baxvana tiny house

It’s possible to buy either a shell or a fully-furnished Boxvana tiny house

furnishing a tiny house

They even make their own furnishings!

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