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Tiny House Variety

Travis Burke tiny house

Variety is what initially drew me to the tiny house movement when I started publishing the Tiny House Blog in 2007. It still applies as we publish issue 112 of the Tiny House Magazine.

In this issue, we cover the DIY process of building your own tiny house. Even if your confidence and experience are minimal, you can do it with the right training, taking workshops, and with a little help from other tiny house enthusiasts.

Our cover features a beautiful house built by a couple who purchased a trailer and designed their unique home that fit their unique needs.

Maybe you want to be more mobile. Travis Burke lives full-time in a camper truck that is outfitted to go just about anywhere. If you want to explore the wild backcountry, then this option is both rugged and comfortable.

We are seeing more and more sheds converted into tiny homes today. Cindy Chavez decided to leave her mortgage behind and instead purchased a Better Built Structure Casita and converted it into a tiny home. She enjoys living debt-free with just the right amount of space she needs. Christy Hughes shares her story of the challenges of having a prefab tiny cottage delivered and set up on her 20-acre property.

With the varieties of tiny homes out there, what’s your favorite?

Inside this issue you will find:

  • Building Knowledge – Catskills Tiny House Workshop
  • Living The Adventure – Life In Orion The Rig
  • Home Alone Or Together
  • On The Cover – Laysea Hughes and Travis Burke Tiny House
  • The Truth About Electrical Wiring In A Tiny House
  • Photo Finish.
  • San Diego Tiny Fest Expo
  • The American Dream In Tennessee
  • 7 Lies That Lead To A Cluttered Home
  • Crazy Heifer in the She Shed
  • The Outdoor Kitchen – Cooking In The Great Outdoors
  • Tiny House Ten Years On
  • The Last Call – Perch & Nest

A few pages from Issue 112 of the Tiny House Magazine

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Tiny House Magazine Issue 112

Tiny house on the move

park model tiny house

shed tiny house

tiny house interior

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