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Guillaume Gabriele and the European Tiny House Scene

Europe tiny house

Ethan talks today with Guillaume Gabriele. Guillaume has been working for some time for a builder called, Ma Petite Maison. Ma Petite Maison has been building some of the most beautiful tiny houses in Europe.

In this interview, they discuss the designs. How they are different in Europe versus the United States. What is the state of the tiny house movement in Europe?

Guillaume also shares his own personal tiny house story.

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In This Episode:

  • The company that started as a backyard project
  • Restrictions in Europe mean the tiny houses are tinier than in the USA
  • France and America have the same legal living issues
  • Building a global case for tiny houses
  • Guillaume’s tiny home and future plans
  • Tiny Living Petition wants everyone to be heard

Links and Resources:

Europe tiny house 1

Europe tiny house 2

Europe tiny house 3

Europe tiny house interior

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