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Full-Time Nomads the Ups and Downs

Alli and Gaylen on boat

Alli and Gaylen are the Sail Bums, a musical duo from Maine who lives on their 37-foot Endeavour sailboat. They are interviewed in this podcast by Ethan.

On their boat, it is possible to record an album of music, and Alli and Gaylen do just that.

Originally from Maine, they are now nomads on the eastern seaboard. They share advice to both land and sea nomads about the lifestyle and what it takes to run a business living this type of life.

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In This Episode:

  • How they afford to work less than full-time
  • Boondocking for boats? It’s possible!
  • Managing a musician’s life onboard
  • Storage tips to stay stocked, clean, and dry
  • Marinas are helpful for all types of nomads

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Photo credit: Steve Bond

Mollynogger is Alli and Gaylen’s full-time home

Kitchen in boat

Alli gives some amazing food storage tips in the interview

recording album

The Sail Bums are recording a new album while aboard their boat

cat on deck

Ensign Pickles loves being on deck

cabana on deck

Cute curtains turn the solar structure into a cabana

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