Full Tilt Boogie with Roger Lehet from Unforgettable Fire

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Roger is on a mission literally from God. He’s going to heat every Tiny House with what he believes is the best heating source possible: wood. But he’s not stopping there. Roger dreams of Tiny House systems – heating, hot water, electricity and cooking – all centered around his invention The Kimberly wood stove. This week it’s hot in here, and it’s not menopause! For more show notes and insight please visit here.

katydid wood stove

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Cyndi ann - March 31, 2016 Reply

This podcast on Roger’s heating and just his whole story was so inspiring. I rent an older townhouse apt. and at 77 yrs wish for a Tiny House so much. The stairs alone here are awful for me now. I am on elderly protection now for electric heat that the last 2 yrs have brought my statements up to $3500.00. That’s what happened after the monthly went too high for me to pay. The community service even paid out at least $1500 for me this past year. you must know how all this heat talk interests me, my whole family was so hard working for so long, my 2 brothers still here, and myself all learned so much from my Dad. Furnace heating in an old farmhouse as kids and now with a son that drives truck and is always working on a log cabin that he and his dad built years ago. The place is like an estate with a heating bill to go with it. He has a wood burning stove in the 1st living area which does wonders in and around that area. Now the place is huge because of his building skills. He should have been an architect, then again his truck brings in the cash he needs. We talk about heating a lot. I should have been a writer as I’m sure you can assume. Thank you so much for this heating information.

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