4 Small Homes for Sale Right Now

Looking for a tiny house community with homes available for sale right now? Look no further!

Check out this community of tiny houses!

Dancing Rabbit Eco-village is a community of over fifty people in north-east Missouri, where folks have come together to live in harmony with our local environment while sharing a message of ecological sustainability in a time of rampant, manmade global warming.

We have more than a dozen tiny homes of various styles on our land, and the four small houses featured below are just some of them. If you’d like to see them first hand, scope out our website to learn about the ways in which you can come by for a visit.

1. Morel

Price: $32,500
Square footage: 250
Construction: straw bale and earthen plaster

Intended for a single dweller or a couple, Morel is an excellent tiny house for someone wishing to live a self-reliant and ecologically sustainable lifestyle. The house consists of a spacious, studio style living area finished in yellow plaster and natural wood tones. A substantial greenhouse is attached to the south-facing wall, and is adorned with gorgeous stained-glass windows.

You’ll have a complete kitchen, with running water from a 700-gallon cistern that feeds both a hammered copper sink and a high-tech Berkey water filter. A snazzy refrigerator and chest freezer set, gas powered princess stove and plenty of dry storage space completes the ensemble.

Winter heating is easily accomplished with Jotul cast-iron stove rated for an 800 square foot space, with the help of the adjoining greenhouse – interior windows can be opened, allowing air warmed by the sun into the home, which cuts down drastically on cold season fuel costs. In the summer, you’ll have well designed cross ventilation assisted by an electric ceiling fan and air conditioner.

The house is designed to rely on a composting toilet, and shower facilities are shared by community members just a short walk away. (This allows everyone to access higher level amenities without each homeowner having to invest in separate infrastructure, which spares unnecessary use of materials – it also helps a great deal in avoiding mold growth.)

Just out your backdoor you will have a beautiful, well maintained garden area with sturdy fences and raised beds.

2. Bluestem

Price: $47,000
Square footage: 448
Construction: traditional stick-frame

Originally designed to serve as a kitchen space for a dining co-op, Bluestem has been converted into a sizeable dwelling for a couple or small family. It was constructed according to conventional methodologies, using mostly recycled materials and locally milled hardwoods.

Tons of storage space is available in the kitchen, along with a gas powered oven/range combination, a sink with running water fed by a cistern, and a refrigerator/freezer combo unit. A ceramic filtration system offers triple-filtered drinking water.

A large cast-iron stove in the center of the building keeps the structure so warm in winter that you may need to crack open one of your three doors to even out the temperature. In the summer, you will have a window unit air conditioner, along with ample cross ventilation.

In one corner is a small, private bathroom area designed to house a composting toilet. You will have your own humanure deposit site on the property, allowing for easy access to finished, mature compost to spread in your nearby garden with completed fencing and raised beds.

To learn more detail about Bluestem, check out this article.

3. The Bearmobile

Price: $16,000
Square footage: 134
Construction: on wheels with traditional stick-frame

If your dream has been to live in a tiny house on the open road, but you want to have the interior your own way, AND you want to cut down on your personal carbon footprint, then the Bearmobile could be perfect for you.

Eco-builder, Anthony “Bear” Barrett, designed this little home on wheels to be entirely customizable on the inside. He constructed it with high ceilings, to give it a sense of spaciousness and allow room for an optional storage loft. The structure is comprised mostly of reclaimed and recycled materials, with high quality door and windows for optimal energy efficiency.

Bear took great pains to ensure that this trailer home would meet roadworthy standards across the country, so you can rest easy if a cop pulls you over to tell you how cool your house is. If you’re interested in hiring him to complete this project to your specifications, make sure to contact him via his Facebook page.

You can also read more about the Bearmobile here.

4. The Chia Pet (Strawtron)

Price: $75,000
Square footage: 450
Construction: timber frame and straw bale

This house is a woodworker’s delight, with all-wood timber framing and joinery, hardwood floors, custom built doors and much more. The building is constructed on piers with two stories. A comfortable indoor front porch welcomes you in, and a spiral staircase climbs to the bedroom with its gabled ceiling and doorway leading to the balcony that overlooks gorgeous hills and farmlands to the west.

It has a living roof, for which reason I like to call it the Chia Pet. (You’ll understand why in summer, when scads of wild flowers transition from vibrant green to a shock of numerous colors that change as the year wears on.) Insulation is accomplished with sturdy straw bales sheathed in earthen plaster.

The southern exposure of the house consists largely of glazing, allowing solar energy to warm the house in winter, though the eaves have been positioned so as to shade the windows in summer, keeping the home comfortable year round. You’ll also have a beefy cast-iron stove for those cold winter nights. The home was designed to allow for the addition of a greenhouse on the south face of the building.

Everything is designed for convenience – you will have plenty of counter space and shelves for storage beside your electric range/oven combo and refrigerator. The home is wired for electricity throughout, so you can easily turn the downstairs space into a comfortable family room, and the upstairs bedroom is large enough to accommodate an office. Community facilities provide a place to shower, and a composting toilet will serve all of your other business needs.

Outside, you will have some space to garden while you’re waiting for a homemade pizza to finish baking in an old-fashioned wood-fired earthen kiva oven. (I can tell you from personal experience how much fun it is to have a pizza party in the back garden of the Chia Pet.)

You can check out the specifications of the house in more detail at the current owner’s website.

Learn More!

If you are interested in retiring to a small country community, or you want to raise your small children in a safe place, then our village could be the perfect place for you to pursue the tiny house lifestyle of your dreams. We call our community Dancing Rabbit Eco-village, and we have come together to promote ecological sustainability and share our message with the world.  (For the children, you know?)

We use far fewer resources than the average American, while enjoying a higher quality of life at a lower cost of living. We share four vehicles among more than fifty people, (three run on bio-diesel, and one is electric,) as well as communal facilities including showers, a computer lab, and well stocked library.

Community events happen throughout the week, like potluck dinners on Tuesdays, Women’s Group and Song Circle on Wednesdays, pizza night at the world famous Milkweed Mercantile on Thursdays, regular games of ultimate Frisbee… and I haven’t even gotten to the weekend! We rejoice in living in a place where we know all of our neighbors, and we can get to work without a lengthy commute on the highways.

Does this sound like the perfect lifestyle for you? If it does, we would love to meet you and spend some time together through our annual visitor program. You can read about us in more detail here, and set aside some time to hang out with us very soon.

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