Eric Latocki and How to Build a DIY Solar Heater

If you live in a cold climate solar heaters make a lot of sense. They can pretty much supply free heat during the day.

Unfortunately, the designs of solar heaters have not been very good until recently.

In today’s podcast, Ethan discusses with DIY tinkerer Eric Latocki about his design that you can build using a big box store, his plans which are free and don’t require any special knowledge to build.

In this episode, Eric goes through the steps showing how it works to how it is installed, and what it can be used for. If you are looking for options to heat your tiny house listen to this podcast and learn more.

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In This Episode:

  • What does a solar heater do?
  • Plenums: what they are and how they influenced Eric’s design
  • Cost and time expectations for your DIY solar heater
  • A secondary use for the solar heater
  • Where Ethan and Eric would love to see solar heaters used

Links and Resources:

DIY Solar Heater
Erik’s DIY solar heater is 4 ft by 8 ft and light enough to carry easily
solar heater and sun
It works best in cold climates with a lot of sun
Solar heater
Erik’s design was inspired by the ovens he built with his dad

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