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Corinne Watson on Legalizing Tiny Homes in Maine

Sebago tiny house

Not long ago, the Maine legislature passed LD 1981, a bill that defined tiny homes. It says “Tiny Home means a living space permanently constructed on a frame or chassis and designed for use as permanent living quarters.” It then goes on to specify some other things about what a tiny home is. The Maine legislature then passed LD 1530, which is an act to allow people to live in Tiny Homes as a primary or accessory dwelling. This makes Maine the first state in the United States to legalize tiny house living statewide.

Ethan’s guest on his podcast, Corrine Watson has been instrumental in making this happen.

Corrine breaks down what these laws do and don’t do. She shows what the process of advocacy was like, and how you can look to Maine as a model to bring to your state or town to help the cause and legalize tiny houses.

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In This Episode:

  • How did Maine legalize tiny homes and their use as full-time dwellings statewide?
  • Does every city in Maine now have to allow tiny homes?
  • What you can do to legalize tiny homes in your state
  • Lean manufacturing is more efficient and less wasteful
  • Maine isn’t done: there are still things that need to be addressed

Links and Resources:

Tiny House Living room

The Sebago’s living room

tiny house kitchen

Kitchen in the Sebago tiny home

tiny house stairs and storage

Spalted Maple storage stairs contain 1 closet, 2 drawers, and 2 cupboards

egress windows in loft

Every tiny house by Tiny Homes of Maine has an egress window in every loft

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