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Lawyer’s 41′ Gooseneck Tiny House with Home Office

41' gooseneck tiny house

Meet Emily, a young lawyer who moved back to North Carolina into a 41′ gooseneck tiny house. She left NYC to embrace a more outdoor-focused lifestyle. While she could afford a large traditional house, she wanted something simple and just right for her. Living tiny legally was a priority too. Importantly, she secured a lot in a brand-new tiny house community called Cranmore Meadows. Shortly after the completed tour video, shown below, Emily moved from a temporary parking spot to her wooded long-term lot at the back of the development.

Mint Tiny Homes built her 41′ gooseneck tiny house for about $120,000 (give or take with CAD to USD exchange rate). She worked with them to customize one of their models to best suit her work-from-home needs. Importantly, a separate room is dedicated to Emily’s home office room. This is located in the gooseneck, where many folks typically put a standing-height bedroom. Her office also features two spacious closets, which is definitely important for professional clothes.


Emily’s Tiny Home Transition

“Going tiny for me is absolutely not a compromise. People always ask me what I gave up to go tiny or why I decided that was the best option. I genuinely wanted to do this for a while and was excited to do it.

So first and foremost, it seemed really cool, and I liked the lifestyle, and I liked the homes. So I went for it. Second of all, it’s cheaper than buying a traditional house in a lot of ways. Although, as you might see in my tour, I didn’t really skrimp too badly with this one. I put money into it to make it a house I wanted to live in for a long time.

I also liked the flexibility of being able to move it. I bought it before I knew where I would be living and working, so it let me look for different jobs in different towns in different parts of the country.”

-Emily, @notteeny_justtiny 

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