California Dreaming, Fresno Style with Nick and Pat from California Tiny House

When great minds think alike, and then great minds partner up, great things happen. And when our guests this week partnered with their local municipality to advocate for allowing tiny houses to be legally used as accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) REALLY great things happened! Despite their workload and backlog, Nick and Pat from California Tiny Homes took time to chat with us this week about the groundbreaking progress that is being made, and has already been made, towards legalizing tiny homes on towns across the US. This duo, along with other Fresno area advocates, have created a true tiny house win/win situation; builders who no longer have to worry about where their customers will park their tiny house. And, we think it’s a brilliant model worth noting, and following. And we’re not the only ones. Zach brought them along to the Jamboree stage to share a bit of their story, but certainly left us wanting more. So if you too are looking for the rest of this story, we’re more than happy to oblige.

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sweet house. 10-20-16

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