10 Park Model Homes for Sale Right Now

Want the aesthetic appeal of a traditional home AND the ability to bring your house with you wherever your goals lead you in the decades to come? With a park model style tiny home, you can have exactly that. Unlike a recreational vehicle, or tiny houses on wheels designed to conform to roadworthy regulations, a park model home is meant to be transported occasionally. This approach to the tiny house lifestyle allows you to avail yourself of floor plan layouts that otherwise wouldn’t meet the standards of a typical RV, while affording you the freedom to relocate to another region of the country when the time comes to pursue a new career, new family scenario, or even just a change of scenery.

Check out these ten park model homes available for sale right now. If you’re interested in learning more about of these houses, just click on the name and follow the link.

10. Peace and Quiet Near Seattle


Price: $184,950
Square Footage: 360 with 150 square foot loft
Location: Marysville, WA


Situated on five acres of primo land near the Seattle metropolitan area, this spacious two-bedroom tiny home could be excellent for a family looking to relocate to the northwest. You’ll also have an 800 square foot shop. The home is already outfitted with a propane tank, septic system, and all the other amenities a homesteader would need to get started off right.

9. The Wooden Wonder


Price: $34,000
Square Footage: 275
Location: Willows, CA


It’s impossible to find a house in California for less than a million clams, right? Wrong. This gorgeous wooden-exterior THOW could be yours for less than a tenth of what even the modest two-bedroom in the nation’s most populous state is likely to run you. Of course, given the park model method of transportation, you could take it with you as you relocate for a job, or any other reason. This particular design features scads of large windows.

8. The Kropf Park Model


Price: $21,500
Square Footage: 380
Location: Lakeview, OH


This lovely, traditional style home is located in a beautiful campground in Ohio. It comes with all the bells and whistles you’re looking for in a modern home, like central AC, a washer and drier hookup, storage, and all the rest. There is a monthly fee associated with the campground site where it’s currently located, but in exchange, you get a heated pool, lots of cool recreational spots, and the nearby Indian Lake. Usually these kinds of deals are reserved for 55+ housing developments, so grab it while you can!

7. Cabin Fever


Price: $138,500
Square Footage: 399
Location: Lacey, WA


Custom designed to reflect the natural cabin style of the old west Rockies, this gorgeous park model house will suite the hunter type. You’ll have a covered deck, lots of windows and several skylights. Amenities include a standard bathroom suite, one demand water heater and enormous underground propane tank.

6. The Bristlecone


Price: $49,749
Square Footage: 374
Location: Houston, TX


Traditional construction and modern style are rarely this affordable! This newly constructed park model home is well designed, and you’ll love the polished, contemporary motif. Check out the link to see all the awesome amenities the builders have includes, like central heating, built-in storage, and more.

5. The Cowlitz Special


Price: $65,000
Square Footage: 320
Location: Southern Washington, between Olympia and Portland, OR


With close access to Highway 5, running through some of the most beautiful, forested country the US has to offer, this park model style home is newly available for sale, now that the builder’s wife has her dream job in Las Vegas. It comes with all kinds of brand new equipment, like a stainless steel refrigerator, large washer and dryer combo, and incinerating toilet.

4. The Blue Morrow


Price: $60,000
Square Footage: 500
Location: Morrow, OH

You’ll start warm and toasty all winter long in this cozy park model home, which includes an electric fireplace, full master bedroom and spacious kitchen outfitted with all the wiz-bang equipment a chef could ask for. There’s even a designated play room for the kids – not bad for just five-hundred square feet.

3. The Green Zephyr


Price: $39,900
Square Footage: 492
Location: Zephyrhills, FL


Straight-forward and beautifully decorated, this one-bedroom park model in Florida could be a great starter home for a single person, a young family starting out in life or a retiree looking to downsize into a smaller place in a warmer climate.

2. The Lenora Special


Price: $40,000
Square Footage: 399
Location: Usk, WA


One of the advantages of park model homes is that you get to enjoy the benefits of community-owned spaces like a pool, library, recreation room and other such facilities without having to build them for yourself. This particular home includes all of the above, along with access to a laundromat, a boat launch, seaside docks and more. To learn all about the home itself, make sure to follow the link and read all about it.

1. The Country Park Model


Price: $69,900
Square Footage: 396
Location: Camas, WA


This brand new three-bedroom tiny home would be a dream come true for a family looking to relocate to Washington state. Beautifully decorated with a sleek modern décor, you’ll have everything a modern lifestyle requires – along with the chance to relocate your new home to the property of your choosing anywhere in the nation.


Didn’t find a park model home in the area you were looking for? Have a look over at Tiny House Listings to search through thousands of available small houses of all kinds for sale right now. Surely one of them will be your dream home.

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