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Alex Eaves Isn’t Just Pro-Reuse, He’s a Reuse Pro!

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What started as a tee shirt gig in the music industry, ended up being the muse for his film project “Reuse! Because You Can’t Recycle the Planet.” Do you remember Grandma coming home with groceries in her plastic bags? Nope. Do you remember Grandpa saying “Throw that old thing out!” when it was broken. Nope. Because, fixing things when they’re broken and finding multiple ways to use household items is not a new concept. It’s really, actually, very, old. And, Alex has devoted his life to helping us remember that.  In 2008 he stopped using coffee cups, grocery bags, paper towels and napkins. And that was just the start. Nowadays you’ll find him touring the country educating children and adults, alike, on the advantages of being a more environmentally responsible consumer. Whether you’re a self-described tree hugger, earth steward, or minimalist; we know you’ll find this discussion inspiring enough to ditch the disposables forever! (if you haven’t already)

Check out more photos and cliff notes here.


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