All Aboard the Web Express with Ben McKinley

This week we interview THE guy who gets to work in THE coolest, funkiest, most fun, most creative, and most hipsterish workplace in all of Portland. If you’re a fan of all things tiny, and unique; you’ll want to hear all about Ben’s adventures while permitting, remodeling, moving and then moving into three rail cars that were originally built in 1947 but now house his staff and two other creative think tank companies as well. And, in true Portland fashion, BEER takes the center stage in a story about this office’s most stressful day EVER! The further we venture off the tiny house path, the more we discover how much that tiny house enthusiasts have in common with anyone who lives or works in an unconventional space. So if you love the outdoors, re-thinking old spaces in new ways, you already know how to use a composting toilet, and you DON’T live or work in a tiny space yet….well….why NOT!?

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Eunice - September 29, 2016 Reply

I am looking to see container cars made into little houses. Can you post pictures if you have some. I’m looking to connect 3 containers to form a U. I like that idea.

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