How to Build with Aircrete: The Low Cost, Eco-Friendly Building Material of the Future with Hajjar Gibran

Aircrete Podcast

For about $4,000 in materials, you can build a 1000 square foot home with 4? thick walls, including the foundation slab, walls, arches, doorways, windows, and window frames.
Think it’s impossible? Think again: Welcome to building with AirCrete.

In This Episode:

  • What is AirCrete?
  • What is the process for making AirCrete?
  • What can you do with AirCrete?
  • Why does aircrew make this easier?
  • What is the cost of an AirCrete structure?
  • Does it work in snow and cold temperatures?
  • Can you make pizza ovens from AirCrete?
  • How to heat an AirCrete home?
  • Other applications for AirCrete?
  • Where can people learn how to do it? Where can you learn AirCrete if you can’t go to a workshop?
  • Applications that it doesn’t work for?
  • Cost to build a basic dome home?

Learn more about AirCrete here.

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A grass mat works well under my kitchen counter. Behind it is my refrigerator and swing-out stove.

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