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May 24, 2019

Sailboat Living: the Tiny House of the Sea

There’s much learn from sailboats about the efficient use of space. In fact, you can clearly see the direct design inspiration in many modern tiny house designs, from the sleek carpentry, multifunctional features to the compact appliances. If you love the water, you may want to consider life aboard.

1984 Freedom 39′ Pilothouse Schooner

Couple, Greg and Renee found exhilarating freedom aboard their 39′ schooner sailboat, the “Goodwind.” It’s their tiny house on the water. They live a “surf and turf lifestyle,” split between their boat life and their tiny house on wheels. In the tour, Greg and Renee point at the many similarities and critical differences between the two small spaces.

As you can see, the sailboat tiny home design is extremely efficient, every inch is maximized and optimized for life on the water. Everything must accommodate constant movement, as well as a continuous 30-45 degree tilt. Though built in 1984, Greg and Renee’s sailboat is still quite modern. It features an innovative carbon fiber mast, light and durable. Above all, it makes for smooth, easy sailing.

Greg and Renee enjoy multi-million views for a fraction of the cost. Their “tiny house parking” is a boat slip at an Annapolis, Maryland, marina for just a few hundred dollars a month. Compared to the nearby high-end homes, it’s a bargain.

The “Goodwind” is also home to Marley, their beloved Chihuahua. Not the typical boat dog, but she loves her pampered life aboard.

Could you live on a boat? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sailboat Living: the Tiny House of the Sea – Menopausal Mother Nature - May 24, 2019 Reply

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deedee - May 25, 2019 Reply

Not sure I could live on a boat full time.

    Alexis Stephens - May 25, 2019 Reply

    I hear that! Why I loved our short visit, after a few hours, the constant motion made me a little woozy.

Sandy Samens - June 24, 2019 Reply

I’m in an elderly home, paying $5K month. I’d like to take what I still have left ib savings and build a motorhome thatis handicap accessable. A lift to aprch for my motorized char, push button door openers, Jakuzzi walk-in bathtub, toilet bidet, washer/dryer combo,second step walker, and more. I’m looking for more suggestions. Thank you, Sandy I’ll dtill need some help a couple hours per day.

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