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May 14, 2019

Tiny House Designs 10×42 Tiny House Plans the Carrack

My good friend Michael at Tiny House Designs recently retired his original tiny house plans and just now started releasing his new plans. This first one is huge by tiny house standards but may just be what some of you are looking for.

At 10 feet by 42 feet, you won’t be able to pull this down the road yourself as most places require a permit for a house larger than 8.5 wide. However, if you are wanting to stay in a place long term but still have the ability to move it at some point this size will be very livable and be a welcome to larger families.

Michael is known for selling his plans at a low price point but delivering everything you need to build a DIY home. He is offering a 25% discount to the first 100 customers with this first release. Use the code EARLY25 at checkout and get 25% off of his low $39 price.

Here are a few details about the Carrack and a video of the plans.

Purchase Plans Here

The Carrack 1042 has a large open main room with a small loft accessed by ladder. The main room has a long kitchen on one side and a dining table and french door on the other side.

A small living room, which can be closed-off, joins the main room. This room could also double as a bedroom, office, or guest room with the right choice of transforming furniture.

Under the loft above the main room is a hallway, bathroom, and closet with laundry hookups. The Hallway leads to a dedicated lower level bedroom, shown here with a queen size bed.

The plans show all the details you need to frame the house. Also included is a plumbing and electrical plan showing the layout of the switches, outlets, faucets, and drains.

Purchase Plans Here

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