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Tiny House Magazine Issue 77

Tiny House Magazine Issue 77 cover

As I browse through this month’s issue of the Tiny House Magazine, I see a recurring theme that I wish to point out in my short letter.

Let’s start with our cover, which shows beautiful homes being constructed from old shipping containers. Not just one home but a community of homes. I’ve always been inspired by homes built from used containers and the creativity that can go into them.

As we look forward in the magazine we feature a young woman who built a treehouse from reclaimed materials while saving herself a minimum $600 which would have otherwise gone for rent.

In another story Meredith Heller, a poet and singer/songwriter, lives in a unique cottage built from an old train car. Her home is cozy and comfortable and inspires creativity.

Pat McMahon, owner of McMaker Studios, not only caters to the tiny house community but also builds and remodels using primarily salvaged and reclaimed materials.

So you have options other than purchasing a brand new tiny home. Look outside of the box and explore the creativity of re-use for your tiny home.

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Some pics from articles in Tiny House Magazine Issue 77

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Repurposing materials for tiny houses

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