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Where Does It All Come From?

A friend was explaining to me that the dresser drawers in furniture seem to be getting smaller these days. The clothing rarely fits into them anymore like they use to. My very first thoughts were: from everything I know, most standard furniture is still the same. Perhaps since our furniture holds the same amount as it always has, we have simply obtained far more than the furniture can contain. Which of course I said out loud and decided to share with you here.

How do we acquire so much, why do we keep so much, and most importantly, where does it all come from? One of the main reasons to move to a smaller or tiny home is to live a more simple life and declutter all the extra stuff. It is also important to be aware of where it all came from, to begin with. If you’re not aware of how you just might end up with lots of clutter spilling out from your smaller space. Many times we don’t exercise three simple words: “No Thank You”. Many times we inherit items from other people. We receive gifts, throughout the holiday celebrations, birthdays, weddings, gift showers, and many times we just simply purchase our own items.

The retail industry spends billions of dollars to not only get your money but your emotions, your time, and your space. The next shiny object promising happiness is always just ahead awaiting you on your path. As we go along our path and as items are no longer needed or loved, they are empty clutter and don’t belong in your home.

We usually have so much stuff because many times these unwanted items are not re-homed. Items are placed/put/shoved away into those dresser drawers or behind the cabinet doors and take up the places meant for the items that we do need, really use, and truly love. Re-home your unwanted clutter and your home, regardless of its size, will feel more spacious.

I bet your dresser drawers will not only seem to be bigger but will be capable of holding all the items you would expect them to be able to. You can go to a smaller or tiny home. You can have personal belongings and a life that is not overflowing with stuff and instead filled with space, love, time experiences, and joy. I’ve been living in my tiny converted motorcoach, almost off-grid, full-time for almost four years now. Live your life today. Create Your Oasis. Simply.

Written by Benda Masson for Tiny House Magazine Issue 76.

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Nicky - January 29, 2021 Reply

In the UK furniture actually is getting smaller. I went to buy a new chest of drawers and noted that they all seemed very shallow and the guy working there said they are designed for all the new build homes, which all boast double bedrooms, so technically fit a double bed in but don’t really have room for furniture. The show rooms are staged with this smaller furniture. All a bit mad really.

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