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Welcome to 2021 Tiny House Magazine

Welcome to a new year and the latest issue of the Tiny House Magazine.

With a new year many of us are setting fresh goals and resolutions. Maybe 2021 is the year for you to start living in your own tiny house. Maybe you are still in the early stages of design and decluttering, but you want to take steps to make it happen by a certain time this year. We have some articles to help direct you.

It can take many steps to get to that dream. Hillary Dunbar has an article about making the transition and how long it took for her to make it a reality.

Are you in the designing stage? Johanna Elsner of Perch & Nest has a great article on what three questions you should be asking your designer.

Are you ready to start building or have built your tiny dream home? Custom home builders Tony and Charlie Perez have brought their experience over to the tiny house world and share the beautiful home they have built.

Are you at the very beginning of the process and out watching all the cool videos about tiny homes? Jilan Wise has put together a YouTube channel to share the realities of living in a tiny home and not just the glamorous side of it.

Inside this issue you will find:

  • Sewed Own Popup Dome-Home for Need, Been Selling Them Since
  • A New Day. A New Year. Same Old Stuff.
  • 3 Questions to Ask a Designer
  • Kwanzaa Celebrating Family, Friends, Community, And Culture
  • Honesty Caught On Film
  • Five Tips for Starting a Mobile Business
  • On The Cover Macy Millers Tiny House
  • Eye Candy with Tiny Homiez
  • Camping Trends 2021
  • Your Attention is Being Bought and Sold
  • Preparation To Build
  • Ways To Live Simpler Right Away
  • What I Learned Is Too Big To Call Tiny!
  • The Trek To Tiny

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A few pages from this issue 97.

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