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Tiny Houses and Sheltering in Place

This is a strange time in all of our lives. Sheltering in place brings with it many challenges.

For those who are fortunate to still have jobs, it may mean working at home for the first time.

Figuring out the technology, finding a quiet place to concentrate, managing time, a regular schedule, and communicating with fellow workers are now daily responsibilities.

For others, it is trying to juggle working at home as well as becoming a teacher to your kids

for the first time. The kids are now not able to socialize and play with their friends. Many things are affected by the shelter order and it can make everyone a little stir-crazy.

Tiny house festivals and workshops have been canceled or postponed.

Those who can have moved them online. However, it’s just not the same as seeing a tiny space or visiting with the owners in person.

We are all making the best of this situation.

In this issue, we look at several remedies to help out. Enjoy and stay safe and well.

  • Tarheels & Tiny Homes
    The state of North Carolina has long been a hot spot for the modern tiny house movement. Now two people are taking the fight to the legislators, eyes set on making tiny houses legal!
  • Living Tiny When The World Is In Crisis
    We come together. We build community. We lean on each other. We pool our resources. And we do the next right thing.
  • My Tiny House Led To Our Homeschool
    Long-time tiny house Macy Miller talks about her personal experience in the tiny house spotlight as well as how it has been the catalyst to homeschooling her kids.
  • Redneck Hot Tub – A Capable Carpenter How-To
    I started this project with a trip to my local feed ’n seed store where I picked up a 100-gallon, 2-foot by 4-foot feed trough.
  • Creating A Makeshift Work-From-Home Space In Your Tiny House
    With so many people having to stay at home and therefore work from home, veteran telecommuter Andrew M. Odom outlines how to make a space fit just for such a task.

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A few pics of some of the pages in issue 88 of the Tiny House Magazine.

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