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Tiny House Magazine Issue 79

Who says living in a tiny house solves all your problems? In this issue, we have several stories of just the opposite as well as a few dedicated problem-solvers. Tiny house entrepreneur Danielle LaRock shares her story of a tiny house community dream that didn’t go exactly as she wanted it to, and how she remedied it with great contacts and communication.

Author Emily Gerde discusses how to successfully raise happy children in a tiny house while being challenged by naysayers.

Boat-dweller T.J. Butler resolves her lack of a writer’s retreat by restoring a derelict, tiny sailboat named Yoshi.

There are many locations in the U.S. that don’t accept tiny homes, but Floyd is not one of them. Thom Stanton’s and Maria Saxton’s article features a rural town in Virginia which is emerging as a hub for tiny home enthusiasts with its unrestricted land ripe for tiny house building opportunities.

Below are a sample of a few pages in this months issue of the Tiny House Magazine.

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