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July 15, 2019

CABN: South Australia’s First Off-Grid, Sustainable Tiny House

Escaping the city life and becoming more intimate with nature seems to be a hot topic these days. It’s also not exclusive to the overworked American. Australia now also has a way for urban dwellers to experience tiny living off-grid.

CABN is an off-grid, minimal getaway home for Aussie urban dwellers.

CABN is South Australia’s first off-grid, sustainable tiny house on wheels. The angular homes with large windows and an interesting concept were designed to be versatile yet have minimal impact on the land. They are placed in beautiful, unique and private locations so people can relax and enjoy life away from cell phones, the internet and other distractions.

The design is meant to keep cell phone and internet distractions away.

CABNs are placed on private land surrounded by nature.

The CABN design is built from locally sourced Australian wood. It also contains sustainable systems such as composting toilets, rainwater catchment, and solar power. The interior is minimal with first floor and loft beds, kitchenettes and dining space. Bathing is done in a nearby building with mirrored and glass walls to embrace the surrounding natural area.

CABN has both main floor and loft sleeping spaces.

One of the CABNs is set in 180 acres of scrubland and adjacent to a conservation park about an hour from Adelaide. The CABNs location is kept a secret until it is booked. It is a place to enjoy hiking, waterfalls, birdwatching and stargazing.

The CABN bathing cube with shower, tub, sink and toilet.

Each CABN can be booked online or if you want one in your own backyard (Aussies only at this time) they can be ordered from the company. CABN can be used as a tiny house, studio, vacation home, retreat space, or guest house.

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