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Living Tiny and Today’s World

With the world and economy in turmoil there may never be a better time to go tiny. We are all facing uncertainty and most of us are looking for something we have more control over. That control and certainty may come from our home.

Living small means living within a smaller budget and having the ability to work less. We may even have the ability to move our home if necessary. These options can become a reality when we make the move to tiny house living.

However, even with all this uncertainty, there are still people out there living and loving.

Regular contributor, Brenda Mason-Parmelee, shares her story about how she recently found the love of her life and got married to a man who happens to live in a treehouse.

If you are spending a lot of time at home, this could be the time to learn a new skill. How about composting? Meghan Marsden teaches the fine art of breaking down organic matter and Brandy Lamb digs into the nitty gritty of composting toilets.

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Inside this issue you will find:

  • 3-story Container Townhouse Shines in Street Art Vibrant Alley
  • Opinion – America’s True Illness
  • The Importance of Outdoor Living in a Tiny House Situation
  • Getting Family On Board with Minimalist Kids’Birthdays
  • Compost Toilets – Off-Grid Toilet Considerations & Campsites
  • Finding Something True – the one about the woman in a bus that met a man in a tree house
  • On The Cover – Living Tiny with the Bushes
  • click click Land
  • 7 Ways Minimalism Will Impact My Children
  • Two Turntables and a Microphone …and an RV!
  • From Land To Sea – Transitions from a LandLubber to Sailor
  • The Art Of Compost. Breaking It Down.
  • Last Call – Tiny House Vacation Rentals near Siesta Key Beach

Photos of actual pages in this month’s Tiny House Magazine Issue 91.

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