How did you go tiny?

For a quick answer to these questions, I would personally start with Jilan Wise’s article on the five changes you can make today to help you go tiny in the future.

I’m going to give you a brief outline here and encourage you to go read the article (page 39) if these are some of the questions you have been asking.

Small Habits, Big Changes

To make any change happen on a permanent basis you need to think big and start small.

The Great Purge!

Tape an outline of how big you want your new tiny home to be. Then decide what items can fit into that space.

Be Happy with What You Have Purged

After The Great Purge, dedicate yourself to no longer buying unnecessary items.

When The Road Seems Too Long, Write About It

Keeping a tiny house journal will help you to get any jumbled thoughts or ideas out of your head.

Research And Dream And Don’t Stop Until The Job Is Done!

Never stop researching and learning and connect with as many other tiny house people as you can.

Here are a few pictures from Tiny House Magazine Issue 118.

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Tiny House Magazine Issue 118

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