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Amelia A Tiny House with a Big Dream

Built for the 2018 NW Natural Street of Dreams, Amelia, was the first of her kind. She was the first tiny house invited to be on display at the Portland Oregon showcase which has always featured mega-mansions for all of the 37-year history of the event. She was the first tiny house to be designed around the very stringent aesthetic and utility requirements since all houses at the Street of Dreams are required to utilize only natural gas for heating and cooking. And, she was the first house to be included in the Street which had been exclusively designed by a woman; namely, Michelle “MJ” Boyle.

Amelia was a very different build than the rest of MJ’s projects since Amelia was the ONLY home that MJ designed where she wasn’t the one getting dirty. Instead, over the course of the five-month-long build, MJ managed the 75-person crew and sponsoring Street of Dreams contractors who donated their time and materials to the tiny house project which would then be auctioned off to benefit veterans in Oregon. After being on display to the public for a month, Amelia’s $84,000 bid awarded ownership to a veteran and philanthropist who later sold her to an investor.

Today, you’ll find Amelia listed on Airbnb in Forest Grove, Oregon.

If you love Amelia and you’re in the Portland area, next July, make plans now to stop by the month-long 2020 NW Natural Street of Dreams. Since the tiny house feature was so popular, MJ has been invited to return, design, and coordinate the build of another tiny house for the prestigious event.

  • Project Name: Amelia ~ A Tiny House with a Big Dream
  • Designed By: Empty Nest Tiny Homes
  • Size: 8-1/2 feet wide x 13 feet tall x 24 feet long / 204 square feet
  • Weight: 12,500 lbs
  • Trailer: Summit Trailers, dual axle, 15K GVW
  • Configuration:  Single story, 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom with queen bed, full kitchen
  • Amenities: Fireplace, AC, Washer / Dryer combo, On-Demand Hot water heater
  • Build Cost: $145,000
  • For more information:

Featured cover on Issue 81 of the Tiny House Magazine

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