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Frank Olito On How to Avoid Getting Scammed by Your Tiny House Builder

In this week’s podcast, Ethan and Frank discuss the problem of getting ripped off by a tiny house builder. In the past, Ethan has interviewed several people who have experienced this firsthand.

Ethan talks with Frank Olito, the resident tiny house expert at Business Insider. Frank has also noticed this trend in the industry and has focused his reporting on it.

In this episode, you’ll learn about what happens when you work with a bad builder, what recourse you can take, and how to avoid bad builders in the first place.

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In This Episode:

  • Going beyond the pretty pictures and into the lives of people who live in tiny houses
  • Who really lives in tiny houses?
  • A disturbing trend in the tiny house movement and why it’s happening
  • Is there any recourse for a bad builder?
  • Tips for tiny house builder research
  • What if you notice some red flags from the builder you’re working with?
  • Tiny house builders, please keep this in mind
  • Builder vs DIY prices explained
  • Where can you live legally in your tiny house? And why we cannot answer that question.
  • The effect of the movement’s growth on pricing and accommodations
  • Costs of builds that you may not consider

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