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Tiny House in a Landscape

I borrowed this weeks photo from Cathy Johnson who posted it on the Tiny House Blogs Facebook Fanpage photo section. Cathy, I hope you don’t mind…

Cathy says: As is becoming our somewhat intermittent habit, we ran out to the cabin this evening to check on things and have a bit of R & R. I can’t decide whether I like going out there early or late best! This evening I sketched Joseph; he read; I finally got good photos of some of the wildflowers, and a killer photo of the cabin at dusk.

Photo Credit: Cathy Johnson

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Barrett - February 12, 2011 Reply

Beautiful cabin! Would love to see more pics of it, interior and exterior 🙂

Cathy Johnson (Kate) - February 12, 2011 Reply

Just added a set on Flickr–thought I had one already! And thanks, Kent, that’s fine! http://www.flickr.com/photos/cathy-johnson/sets/72157626032902492/

Greg - February 12, 2011 Reply

I love this cabin, have seen it in a few mags after she built it. Beautiful place for a beautiful person.

suzanne - February 12, 2011 Reply

Perhaps you could build shutters to cover the windows when you are not in residence. That should create a decent barrier against vandals, human and animal.

The cabin is positively enchanting at dusk. So warm and inviting. I envy your getaway place.

John - February 12, 2011 Reply

That really is gorgeous, thanks for sharing the full set!

BigGoofyGuy - February 12, 2011 Reply

It looks really nice. It would be neat if this (and others like it) was part of a calendar.

Deek - February 13, 2011 Reply

That’s the cabin thats the focus in Cathy’s book “A Naturalist’s Cabin” (great book- sadly out of print).
I actually review it in my most recent episode of tiny house book reviews- as you’ll see….

Kent “Micro-Green” should be on the way to you (via. Mimi)


Galvin - February 13, 2011 Reply

It looks so cozy! I want to light a fire and relax there.

Erin (BonaFideChic@Etsy.com) - February 13, 2011 Reply

this is a very cute little cabin, i would love to spend a summer’s weekend on it, maybe make some smores or watch the stars from the porch? love it, and would love to see more (like the other commenters 🙂 )


laurenjanelle - February 14, 2011 Reply

It seems so idealic, like a movie. she describes it beautifully.

Cathy Johnson (Kate) - February 16, 2011 Reply

Thank you…it is very close to my heart. I guess when you build something with your own hands, it always is. I’ve owned the land since the late 80s and built the cabin shortly after…I’ve spent many nights out there, waking to the rising sun over that eastern hill and in those big windows. And we DO have a woodstove, where I toast my toes in winter, and cook a pot of stew.

There’s a fire pit on the deck…lovely for cooking on…

Hard to get to right now, though…too much snow, and a nearly nonexistent driveway!

Hunter - February 25, 2013 Reply

SIGH, this is the place of my dreams. I understand why you love this so much. It reminds me of a photo in a gardening mag i saw it was for a painting/ drawing studio. I fell in love with that one too. even though it was years, and years ago. SIGH 🙂

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