Tiny House in a Landscape

This is a very interesting building, it looks like some sort of chapel with the cross above it. It would be interesting to know more about this photo. The chapel appears to be high up in some mountains and probably has a beautiful view.

If anyone has ever seen this before and knows the history and where it is located please share that information in the comment section below.


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  1. Daniel the Hermit

    Daniil Sihastrul Cell – this is the cell of a monk.
    Sf. Daniil Sihastru who lived in Romanian, was a 15th century monk and the spiritual father of Stephen the Great, the Voievod of Moldova. Under his guidance, Stephen the Great defended Moldova from Ottoman invasion and dedicated himself and his rule to God.
    The cell it is located close to Putna Monastery in Moldova, Romania.

  2. I used to visit the chapel and a nearby monastery quite often when I was young (I lived in a larger city not too far from it). The scenery is quite nice around the place. I was quite surprised when I saw your blog entry. Gabriela was faster though at identifying it.

  3. Hi, I have enjoyed your blog for quite a while. As soon as I saw this, I thought of the ancient, rock carved cells and Greek Orthodox chapels of Cappadocia in present day Turkey, that were carved out of solid rock during the days of the Byzantine empire. But apparently, as noted above, it is the monastic cell of a Romanian Orthodox monk and saint. Even today, there are eremetic monks (monks who live as hermits, also termed anchorites) living in tiny huts (cells) or even caves on Mount Athos (a peninsula in Greece dedicated to Orthodox Monasticism). The Romanian cell in question certainly appears to have been carved or hollowed out of solid rock. Carving cells and chapels out of rock occurred in Turkey (during Byzantine rule), Ethiopia, and probably other countries. Monks who live the solitary life have traditionally lived in “tiny houses” or small caves, sometimes with attached tiny chapels. They also generally live very simple lives dedicated to prayer and prayerful meditation, and own extremely little in the way of possessions.

  4. Cool Picture,
    When I first looked at it all I could think of was: “Flintstones, meet the Flintsones” LOL
    That is one of “The Coolest” Tiny House I’ve seen so far.



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