Tiny House in a Landscape

shepherd's hut

You may remember me as the person who suggested Tiny House in a Landscape a few years ago. I’m really pleased that it appears to have been so popular. I open your website daily and always enjoy what you find for all us Tiny House devotees.

I thought you might be interested in the attached three photos. One is of the shepherd’s hut on our farm, the second is the view from our living room window while the other is the inscription above the window put there many years ago by my parents. My father was a lay reader in the Anglican church for 40 years. Given your other blog – I thought you might be interested.

-John Chapman

Anne's combo

living room inscription

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Richard Gay - June 23, 2012 Reply

New Zealand?

    Kent Griswold - June 23, 2012 Reply


m l-scott - June 23, 2012 Reply

Fantastic!what a view and how apt the choice of scripture.

stephen - June 23, 2012 Reply

beautiful view! not sure what the inscription means.

    jipsi - June 23, 2012 Reply

    It’s a Biblical verse that reminds us that God is always aware of our personal trials and tribulations, and that we only need to ask Him (Above, high up – as in ‘the hills’) for help and He shall hear our prayers. Of course, sometimes the ‘help’ we receive is in UNanswered prayers, too…

    But even in the secular sense, it would mean to ‘look up, look high, believe that things will get better if you keep your spirits up’ or, simpler, stay positive, don’t be a ‘Debbie-Downer’! 😉

    Just my multi-take on the ‘saying’… (hope it helps, stephen)…


Sam - June 24, 2012 Reply

So pretty! The light fixtures is pretty cool, too. I’ve never seen one counter-weighted!

Shell - June 24, 2012 Reply

Oh, I so love that house! The view is amazing. Thanks for sharing : )

Randy - June 25, 2012 Reply

I’ve never had the opportunity to visit Montana but these photos’ at the website above are stunning! The vistas are breathtaking!

Emily - June 25, 2012 Reply

Awesome!! Absolutely beautiful!!

Olivia - June 25, 2012 Reply

Thanks. And for the verse too.

Rick - June 25, 2012 Reply

I’m so happy to find your OTHER blog. Its beautiful!

Rick - June 25, 2012 Reply

I remember going into the old (unused) outhouse on the farm where I grew up and finding scriptures and other sayings written on the walls. Also Mom wrote many verses under eaves on our porch to reminder her (every time she looked out the windows) of the truths found there.

    Jennie Walker Knoot - June 27, 2012 Reply

    I just love this – that habit must have been so encouraging to her. Maybe I’ll adopt something similar within my own home. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Jennie Walker Knoot - June 27, 2012 Reply

Absolutely breathtaking!

Lisa Clark - July 30, 2012 Reply

One look and I knew it was NZ – weird or what?!
Love the view and love the verse – very apt!

Whitworth Deen - December 9, 2013 Reply

One of the most charming chimneys I have ever seen! Give me a tiny cottage like that with its perfect stone chimney, and I could be at home for the duration. I love your use of the Bible quote as well. In my former home, I had a friend with pretty handwriting paint above the main doorway an old Elizabethan blessing: “Plenty And Grace Be To This Place.” Kindest rgds.

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