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tiny house

by Joel Colvos

I’m looking for someone to help work on my tiny house/cabin on our family farm in exchange for being able to live there for free starting in late August. (Located on a farm on the Yellowstone River in Montana.) I put together a tumblr page of the house and farm at http://millersbottom.tumblr.com/ the first photo is a slightly dated photo of ‘the cabana’ which is the house that is available. I will be answering questions this week from this email:  millersbottom@gmail.com and more details at http://www.reddit.com/r/TinyHouses/comments/vc2he/work_exchange_live_and_work_in_my_tiny_housecabin/

Maybe this is just the opportunity you have been looking for. Please contact Joel if this sounds good to you.

view from the farm

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Linn - June 24, 2012 Reply

Anyone to chooses to do this is not going to regret it! I’ve spent time in that country, and there is none nicer in the US. It is spectacular in every way! 🙂

jenbooks - June 24, 2012 Reply

Pretty country, spectacular, but no pictures at all of the interior of the house where the person will live?

Jeremy - June 24, 2012 Reply

I gave the Tumblr page a follow – love the pictures. I was born not too terribly far from there, but I haven’t been back since childhood. If I were in better shape health wise I’d seriously consider applying for this. Good luck!

Shoop - June 24, 2012 Reply

I would freaking love to do some free work on this place. If I were not signed up for the biggest semester of college I’ve ever taken this fall I would be all over this. Good luck polishing this gem.

HoneyFern School - June 24, 2012 Reply

Spreading the word!! #Jealous

Gigi - June 24, 2012 Reply

Lovely! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Meg and Joe - June 24, 2012 Reply

So funny to see another tiny house (besides ours) here in Montana. I would opt for this but I’m pretty well established in the Whitefish area. I would love to see what you come up with though. Nothing like the large open spaces and the huge mountains to make your home feel so small. Don’t be discouraged. You can build it on your own. My contractor ditched me early in the building process (with my money in hand), so I had to learn fast on how to build it. I knew nothing about carpentry, but the internet is your friend. If you need to ask questions I’ll be happy to help. Good luck to you. Still my best decision ever.

Joel - June 24, 2012 Reply

Thanks for posting THB and thank you everyone for all of the great comments, I’ve been getting a lot of questions so I thought I should clarify a few things. I will be accepting inquiries through 6/28 before I make a decision. I am an experienced builder, I just don’t have time to complete this project now with two young children but I will be available to trouble shoot etc from my home in Seattle. Most of the work left is interior finish work (paint, trim, basic carpentry etc) but it is very livable as is. It is completely furnished and you can see an interior tour at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkwR28bSkWA&feature=youtu.be

Any more questions? Fire away, I will try to get back to everyone soon in email.

Ardan - June 25, 2012 Reply

Great blog, great job.Greetings and tiny old houses from Romania.

Lear - June 26, 2012 Reply

If you had high speed internet on site I’d be first in line. (Former Architect student and small house fan)

But I’m a sys-admin for a company in the Bozeman area, I have the flexibility to work remotely, but I have to be able get online the second things go wrong.

Good luck in your hunt for a new tenet. I’ll share the link with my friends working in YNP.

Joel - June 28, 2012 Reply

Thanks for your input everyone. This opportunity is now closed. We will be making a decision and getting in touch with candidates over the next week.

And thanks Kent for posting, we got a great response and I will send you an update on how things are going some time in the future.

Teresa - June 30, 2012 Reply

If only you lived about three hours north east, we would JUMP on this without hesitation. I dream of our tiny house, one day.

Shell - July 1, 2012 Reply

Wow, what an amazing experience that would be?! I hope we get to see a blog of the tenant chosen.

Shell - July 1, 2012 Reply

Oh and Ardan, that was such a beautiful picture. thank you 🙂

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