Wee Irish Cottage New Build

Mike Irish just contacted me with an update. He says, “Last year I bought a big house to remodel and it seems to take lots of money and time. I think I like the wee houses better.

The good new is I have another Wee Irish Cottage almost finished. It is 8ft X 26ft with 8ft X 20ft insulated living space with loft, and a covered 8ft X 6ft trek deck porch, insulated windows and door. The outside is covered with cedar bevel siding and the inside is T&G pine with bamboo flooring.

Wee Irish Cottage

There is a small kitchen with a sitting area and under counter fridge, 36 in. shower stall and composting toilet. Downstairs there is a hide-a-bed if you don’t want to use the loft. I am advertising the Irish Wee House on Portland Craigslist for $12,500.

The new Big house also has a big shop and working area. I may try to do some workshops.

Mike Irish

Wee Irish Cottage porch

Wee Irish Cottage back side

cottage side view

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  1. Mike, I live in The Dalles and have been interested in Tiny Houses for quite a few years. I’m not in a position yet to buy…. but can I come and look sometime? I’m so excited to find someone local that does this!

    • The wee irish cottage cottage is located at 3024 old dufur rd. I would be glad to give you a brief tour.
      541-296-5225 or 503-515-8408

      • Hi Mike

        Wondered if you could share the details of the shower and toilet you use in the Wee Irish House. We have a small chapel in the UK we are looking to convert (its off the mains) and I wonder if the products you use might be just what we need. Grateful for any advice you can share.

  2. Mike, I’m really interested in the house but do not live locally. Is there a way to get some interior photos? Thanks!

  3. Mike, I’m extremely interested in the house but do not live locally. Do you have any interior photos you could send me? Thanks!

  4. Hey Mike,

    I can’t seem to find the listing on Craigslist ~ what’s it listed under? And are there interior photos there?


  5. I can’t find it on craigslist either… tried a number of different iterations of tiny, wee, small, house on wheels, etc.

    On a side note, I wonder if Kent (or a guest blooger) could one day enlighten us on the types of vehicles that would be best for towing tiny houses. I know to look at the tow weights, etc., but it would be nice to just know a make and model in case the numbers slip out of my brain while I am truck shopping. Should I save up for a Toyota Tacoma? 4WD, or is 2WD ok? Would a Ford F150 work? I mean, if you have a portable house, you kind of want a way of transporting it.

    I do have friends who own trucks. Guess that brings new meaning to the , “Hey, do you suppose you could help me move?” phone call…

    These are things I think about while trying to get to sleep at night in my too-large house.

  6. Looks like a great tiny house. One of the bigger ones I’ve seen. I like the loft extending over the deck. You may want to consider listing it on ebay also. I’ve seen several tiny houses listed there lately. At that price I would imagine someone will snatch it up pretty quick.

  7. I love the coziness of the tiny houses. I was aiming for it with my 1200 sq ft new construction, but I added closets and then a little more room in the bathroom for handicap access and next thing you know, I was at 1200sq.
    Best of luck selling this, I know you will. I especially love the cedar siding and the porch.

  8. Nice job Mike. 12K seems like a generous deal for a lucky buyer. How much time do you think you have in the build?

  9. I did not find the ad on craigslist but am very interested in coming to see this soon and quite possibly buy it.
    I would need to have it towed to San Juan Island WA.
    Please respond directly to my email address.

  10. Nice And nicely priced, to bad I’m on Disability. And I’m NOT buying into the tribal loan thing. 146%.

  11. Kent’s link above works fine to get you to the craig’s list ad. There are two photos of the interior, could use a few more like kitchen, loft and bath. What I can see looks great! Skylights would brighten it up some but the windows are quite large, any more would add to the price.

  12. Hello, It is a beautiful Tiny Home. I would buy it in a heartbeat if it was closer. I live in
    Florida. I would really like to see more pictures of the inside. There was only a couple of interior photos on Craiglist. It would be nice to see other tiny homes listings for sale.

  13. Mike,
    Do you need any trailer frames for building on? I have one I no longer need. Please contact me if interested. 541-399-7157


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